manual and automatic juicers since 1958

CANCAN produces Manual and Automatic Juicers, Fruit & vegetable Peelers and Cutters, Manual and Electrical Can Openers, Washing Equipment and Loading Buncer. The CANCAN Manual Juicers and CANCAN Manual Can Openers are NSF certified. All electrical Appliances are CE certified.

CANCAN was founded in 1958 in Ankara and started manufacturing manual juicers.

Now CANCAN, produces reliable and high quality Industrial Kitchen Equipment in Sakarya since the year 2000. Our company has a large manufacturing and quality experience. Our first products are designed to reduce and minimize the problems in professional kitchens and food processes. We update our product features according to the changes in the market and certification requirements.

Our Mission is to satisfy the customers needs in the shortest period, without compromising product quality. Our main goal is manufacturing high quality professional kitchen products with an economical price for end-users. We are considering the quality as well as efficiency. We are focusing on efficient products to fulfill the markets needs considering low quality products in the market. Most of our products are handmade and designed by our engineers.

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