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  • Milla home stone mill M01
  • Milla home stone mill M01
  • Milla home stone mill M01

Milla home

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Milla kućanski mlin za sve vrste žitarica uz mogućnost namještanja finoće brašna.
Besplatna dostava
Opcija namještanja finoće brašna

Milla grain mill is a quality small appliance for preparing wholemeal flour at modern homes. Our health care begins with the food we prepare with care. Therefore, domestic stone mill is a helpful device for every home where health via proper nutrition has become a religion.

This small mill works with an electric motor and grinds the flour through corundum mineral stones - extremely robust and wear-resistant material. Sands of corundum are bonded in high temperature furnaces and at several tons of pressure. The result is a milling stone stronger than granite and with a perfect shape that grinds significantly more efficiently than the nature-born stone.

The motor is quiet and powerful. Its 370 watts are enough to make fresh flour for one bread in just a few minutes, even process the hardest grains. The industrial type of motor is efficient and guarantees a long service life. Overheat protection prevents it from possible negligent owner and the mechanical circuit breaker will not allow the mill to start without closing the lid firmly.

With Milla stone mill, you can grind whole grain flour from oats, spelt, wheat, rye, buckwheat, wild wheat and any cereal or leguminous plants. The grinding of solid chickpeas, corn or rice is easy with Milla stonemill, where the processing of large and hard seeds goes in two stages - first grind them to chop the grain to large particles, and the second stage is to obtain the desired fineness of the flour. With the stone milling machine you can also grind stone salt crystals. You can still make flour or finely ground product of well-dried spices and herbs. The only prerequisite is that the products are not greasy, precisely the fat content should be below 6% in seeds. You should never try to process for example flax seeds, sesame or cocoa beans. The mill works best with dry (not humid) and pebble-free and soil-free grains. Enjoy bread and cereals prepared at home from the desired mix of seeds and grains!

Usage of the home stone mill is not difficult. On the contrary, after grinding flour, no extra care is required. Allow the mill to throw out the ready flour completely and that's enough. It does not need to be cleaned or disassembled. If you have by mistake run some moist or greasy seeds, remove all residual contents from the funnel and pour rice grains to mill. The dry and hard grains of rice will clean the milling stones and your Milla will be ready to mill fresh and wholesome flour again.

Always use fresh and clean flour made from selected seeds with high quality. Money invested and time spent on your health are always the best investment you can make for yourself!

Dodatne informacije

Dostava iz Hrvatska
Boja Bež
Garancija 6 godina
Tehnički detalji
Power 370 W
Housing material Solid wood
Funnel capacity (with spell) 500 g.
Output 100-120g. fine / 300g. coarse
Continuous work (max) 20 min
Noise level at work 88 dB
Adjusting grinding fineness From fine to coarse
Stone material / size (ø) Corundum / ø 90 mm
Height to the flour outlet 13 sm
Gross weight 7.9 kg


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