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Hurom HW

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9.390 kn
Komercijalni sokovnik Hurom HW (H18) je prvi Hurom profesionalni sokovnik na hladni pogon za zahtjevne ugostitelje
Besplatna dostava

Hurom HW Professional Series is the first slow Juicer for commercial use made by Hurom

Designed for commercial use by cafés, restaurants and hotels, as well as any other kind of establishment that specializes in food and beverages, the Professional Series is a collection of commercial juicers with enhanced performance that make it possible for users to achieve high levels of productivity.

The Hurom HW commercial juicer is set to become one of the best juicer options for a busy work environment. It comes with three full sets of juicing components, allowing for easy switching between different juices, saving time on washing up. It also has an incredibly slow 43 RPM motor that will produce very high juice yields with a nutritional value that can’t be equalled by other commercial models.

Commercial Efficiency

The HW is the perfect option for a fast-paced professional environment thanks to its set of three complete juicing components. Having multiple sets makes it easy to switch between different juices and removes the immediate need for cleaning. This juicer is also equipped with extra large juicing components, which allow it to produce more juice than its competitors in the same time period. The larger components also help to increase the capacity of the HW, and its juice chamber can take up to 1 litre of liquid instead of the usual 500ml.

Unique Performance

No other commercial vertical juicer can offer the brilliant 43 RPM spinning speeds of the HW. The use of such a low RPM holds many advantages and most notably the augur in the HW is able to squeeze more juice from ingredients than competing juicers. A higher juice yield leads to less wastage in the pulp, which benefits costs. Another perk of this slow speed is the additional nutritional value of the juice, which leads to a nicer overall taste.

Quality Materials

The HW is pushing ahead when it comes to build quality, and it is made of strong and premium materials. The body of the HW is made of stainless-steel, making it very sturdy and resilient to damage. The juicing components are made of durable Ultem and Tritan plastics, which are all BPA free, removing the risk of chemical leeching.

  • Intuitive LED display
  • Slow rotational speed of 43 rpm
  • 1000-milliliter chamber capacity
  • Upgraded double-edged, high-strength auger
  • Adjustable Control Lever to accommodate different ingredients
  • Versatile juice cap for convenience
  • Four spinning brushes
  • Two types of fine and coarse strainers
  • Low-noise, low-vibration AC motor
  • Easy assembly and disassembly

Dodatne informacije

Dostava iz Hrvatska
Boja Srebrna
Garancija 2 years
Poslovna garancija 2 godine
Tehnički detalji
  • Brzina okretaja: 43 RPM
  • Kapacitet: 1 litra
  • Motor: AC - 150W niske razine buke
  • Materijal: Nehrđajuči čelik
  • Dimenzije: 446 × 282 × 199 mm
  • Težina: 8.6 kg


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