HotmixPRO termalni mikseri

1 unit, 2 accessories, 27 functions!

Chef's best choice


Steam cook
Cook at low temperature

Tempering chocolate
Extracting chlorophyll
Whisking ice cream
Sous vide cooking
Sous vide cutting
Sous vide drying
Sous vide concentrate
Sous vide impregnate

Main advantages

Time saving and time optimization
You can save a lot of time while the machine works the chef can do other things.

Standardize (with no human errors) every recipe thanks to its innovative and unique features, saving a lot of time and standardizing the quality of your dishes.

Space saving due to the elimination of other devices
A single machine which combines the functions of many others, eliminates the occupied spaces and consequent costs.

Realization of preparations otherwise impossible with other equipment
Thanks to degree-by-degree temperature control (both positive and negative) and the extraordinary performances, it makes it possible to prepare recipes otherwise impossible with other equipment.


Thanks to its performances that include cooking, it allows:

  • to optimize the processing times
  • to improve the efficiency of your service
  • to realize preparations, impossible with conventional devices available on the market
  • to standardize the desired level of quality of any preparations
  • to save time by avoiding the repeated setting of the parameters by storing them on the SD card

Hotel and catering
Perfect for the preparation of large quantities, thanks to the different capacity, up to 5,5 Lts of HotmixPRO 5 STAR.

Health facilities
It guarantees the pleasure of food even to those who have health problems.

For patients, nutrition is an important therapeutic factor. Thanks to the special blades and their maximum speed (16,000 rpm) is possible to obtain, both in the cooked and raw form - always keeping unaltered the organoleptic properties - a shredding or liquefaction level, unthinkable with other equipment. The user can choose the desired consistency up to liquefaction for drip feeding thanks to the many available speeds. Saving the recipes will ensure you the complete and total customization of meals of every patient, optimizing the preparation times and ensuring a high and constant quality over time. Easy to use for everyone!

Pastry shop/Ice-cream parlor
The perfect temperature control always guarantees a great result.

  • to cook creams or preparing recipes as zabaglione without requiring any help
  • to prepare recipes that require high temperatures, such as the caramelization of sugars up to 190°C
  • to prepare of any kind of topping
  • to sandblast dried fruits such as almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts and so on
  • to realize dried fruit pastes for ice cream parlors and pastry shop

It allows you to chop ice without difficulties, even in large quantities, to realize sorbets and milk shakes.
It allows, even without a kitchen - or an extractor fan- in the smallest space, the creation of hot and cold sauces, desserts and hot dishes. The result is guaranteed even for beginners thanks to the memories.

School and diet
Thanks to its ability to not alter the organoleptic properties of foods, it is ideal for the kitchens of public and private schools, always guaranteeing the highest possible quality and greatly increasing the food attractiveness. Extraordinary opportunity to work fresh fruits and vegetables, both hot and cold, to prepare fresh jams and mashed potatoes, with a sugar content of your choice and with a color close to that of the fruit to the maximum of its attractiveness, for a healthy feeding education, pleasant and varied.

It allows food companies laboratories to make pre-series tests with small quantities. It allows chemical/pharmaceutical companies laboratories to homogenize solids, prepare ointments, creams, etc..

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